Vanguard 16 Hovercraft

 The Vanguard 16 hovercraft can carry four to five passengers or 1150 lbs!

The latest version of our Vanguard hovercraft model incorporate a 999cc 37hp EFI engine.  It can reach speeds of 40 mph, payload has been increased to 1150 lbs, and it improves the craft’s ability to handle strong headwinds.  Cruises easily at 30 mph. The belt drive is designed to prevent any slippage, and has improved efficiency, requires no re-tensioning, and eliminates the need for belt covers, simplifying maintenance.  The new idlers features a double sealed bearing for greatly improved service life over the previous v-belt idlers. The craft can now be equipped with an all stainless muffler with cabin heating system. Air flow to the dash can be adjusted with a damper control for immediate response. Warm up time is less than 3 minutes upon initial engine start.

Vanguard 16 brochure

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Base Price: Contact factory for pricing

Vanguard 14D hovercraft on the Stikine river, frozen.

The base price of the 16 foot Vanguard hovercraft includes:

  • Fiberglass Engine cover
  • 40hp ECV-980 Kohler EFI engine
  • Carbon 90 never slip prop drive
  • 12 gallon gasoline tank
  • Tachometer
  • Voltmeter
  • 3 Ultralight hovercraft seats
  • Black urethane skirt with 1500 hour life
  • 12 volt electrical system with 680 CCA AGM battery.
  • Navigation lights
  • All stainless propeller guard

Options (add to base price):

  1. Saltwater series: all additional upgrades for saltwater use, including stainless muffler
  2. All carbon fiber composite body, increase payload 10%
  3. Carbon fiber windshield frame with glass windows and a dual wiper/wash system
  4. Carbon fiber windshield frame with glass windows and a dual wiper/wash system with partial dodger
  5. Full enclosure, includes carbon fiber windshield frame with glass windows and a dual wiper/wash system
  6. Entry door rare earth magnets in place of snaps. 
  7. Stainless muffler/heat exchanger w/dash vents & dash control 
  8. Camouflage paint scheme
  9. Fly on/off trailer
  10. Standard bunk trailer
  11. Backlit Digital Tachometer (includes installation)
  12. Chrome finish steering wheel
  13. Night time LED driving lights
  14. Boaters’ safety package: includes a fire extinguisher, daytime signaling device, boat hook, LED flashlight, spare fuses, quick navigation reference, utility knife, flares, skirt repair kit, tool kit in water proof tool box.  This package would include the installation of the fire extinguisher and attaching the boat hook

The 16 foot 37 hp Vanguard is also available as a kit, starting at $34,400. Call for options.


  • Tourist operations, resort hotels, eco tours, remote resort access
  • Hunting & fishing guide services
  • Oyster and Clam Harvesting
  • Surveys, pipe lines, drilling
  • Fishing, easy access to shore line, skims over nets
  • Ice rescue, fast, safe, & efficient rescue of people and animals.
  • Mud rescue
  • Flood water rescue. Hovercraft are immune to floating or submerged obstacles, debris, and swift currents.
  • Fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, and trolling.
  • Tender for larger vessels.
  • Duck hunting.
  • Exploration
  • Camping
hovercraft on saltwater
  • Mosquito abatement.
  • Tidal area research and monitoring.
  • Noxious weed abatement.
  • Oil spill clean up.
  • Surveys, wildlife, pollution. wetland

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  1. None of the prices listed above include shipping and handling.
  2. We accept payments in the form of a money order or wire transfer, the preferred method. We will accept a personal check but we must give it 5 business days to clear the bank. We also accept payment through PayPal but a 3% charge of the total order will be added for processing.
  3. Our labor rates are $110 per man hour. 
  4. Prices are subject to change.