Sale Pending: Used hovercraft for sale, Explorer 10 passengers

Alaska 22.5′ x 10′ Explorer $39,995

This used hovercraft for sale has many features which make it a great deal.


  • VW Turbo Diesel engine, mechanical injection
  • Approximately 270 engine hrs.
  • Stainless drive frame, lift fan frame and thrust fan frame.
  • Engine mounts, urethane skirts, (done by Amphibious Marine.)
  • VHF Radio, oil, alt, tachometer, Temp gauges.
  • Dash heat
  • Wipers
  • LED lights.
  • Galvanized double axle trailer.
  • 84″ wide blade Ivo propeller turning slow and quite, see video below.

As a result of these features, this hovercraft runs and flys great, which makes it very dependable.

Originally built as part of the Sevtec kit program; however, many of the upgrades were done at the Amphibious Marine facility. The skirt for example is made with the most durable urethane material available, with an expected life over 1500 hrs. It is easily repaired with a hot air welder or HH-66 cement. The drive system is just like our newest Explorer 24 model, carbon fiber drive belts that you set and forget. This hovercraft is located in Alaska.

Hovercraft Tours

This model craft has been successfully used in hovercraft tours. They have been used in Alaska for tours from cruise ships. Currently, there is an tour operation in Maine and coming soon in the Seychelles.

Used hovercraft Explorer 22 on ice covered river

Exploration awaits

The designer has taken this size craft on trips of 1400 miles through the Puget Sound to Alaska with this model. The North to Alaska trip is here. You can read about our history and the many trips other here. In fair conditions you can travel in open water between islands. Explore areas rarely seen by others. River deltas, estuaries, mudflats, rivers during low water and high.

If you need a smaller used hovercraft then consider these two options: white and camo Vanguard hovercraft. Both of them include trailers!

Prototype Explore 20 hovercraft under construction in Bellingham Washington.

If you want to build your own Explorer from scratch then visit this page for more information.