Vanguard 14 Hovercraft for sale

SOLD 1995 Sevtec kit Vanguard, 20hp. Sold

14ft hovercraft
14ft Sevtec hovercraft for sale

This gently used (90 hours) hovercraft for sale features a Briggs Vanguard 20hp engine, 18oz vinyl skirt , 6 gallon portable style(100 mile range), salt water ready galvanized guard and engine frame. Trailer is pretty basic.

Located in Washington state.

All of these features makes this an excellent value for a used hovercraft.

  • Dimensions: 14’ X 7’ (4.3m X 2.1m) cushion, 82ft2 (7.6m2) Length over all: 16’ (4.9m).  Cockpit space 82” X 50” (208cm x 127cm). Height: 6’ 9” (2.06m) off cushion.  Cushion depth or hard clearance: 10.5” (26.7cm).  
  • Payload:3 adults or 600 lbs payloads , includes people, fuel and gear.
  • Empty Weight: 425 lbs . As a result of the weight, it’s very easy to tow.
  • Speed: 30mph (48 kph) maximum on water in flat calm conditions, 30mph (48 kph) cruise.
  • Fuel Use: 0.8 gallons (3 litres)/hour at cruise; therefore it’s very fuel efficient.
  • Hull: Molded composite laminate, polyester ester resin, with glass fiber reinforcement and light weight cores . The crafts hull is fiberglass and foam, the deck wood covered with aircraft fabric like a wing. Two sealed compartments rear provide flotation.

Contact Bryan Phillips 360-661-0875

Exploration awaits

The designer has taken 500 mile trips through the Puget Sound with an 18 hp version of this craft. You can read about the trip here. In fair conditions you can travel in open water between islands. Explore areas rarely seen by others. River deltas, estuaries, mudflats, rivers during low water and high.

hovercraft taku

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Vanguard 14D hovercraft on the Stikine river, frozen.

If you want to build your own from scratch this Surveyor model is very similar.