SOLD Explorer 24 For Sale, 372 hours $185,000

  • Used Explorer 24 (2016 models) with approximate 372 hours
  • Includes the following:
    • Galvanized bunk trailer
    • Ready for saltwater use
    • Roof grab rails
    • Boarding steps for inside and out
    • Seating for 10 (six upholstered seats with bases and arm rests and bench seating in the rear)
  • For more detailed specifications please visit this page.

Current cabin arrangement is with 10 seats, four in back 6 in the cabin. These arrangements can be changed.

Exploration awaits

The designer has taken 500 mile trips through the Puget Sound with an 18 hp version of this craft. You can read about the trip here. In fair conditions you can travel in open water between islands. Explore areas rarely seen by others. River deltas, estuaries, mudflats, rivers during low water and high.

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Amphibious Marine Explorer 20 hovercraft at Taku Glacier near Juneau Alaska.

If you want to build your own from scratch this Explorer model is very similar.