Amphibious Marine hovercraft for sale, $Sold

This 2002 hovercraft for sale is a Vanguard 14 that was built for use in the San Juan Islands by Amphibious Marine. This 14’x7′ craft, “estuary researcher” can carry 750 lbs., cruises 25 mph, and has a top speed of 34. Engine frame is powder coated and galvanized for use in the saltwater. The engine is a 26 hp EFI Kohler. It comes with a trailer.

hovercraft for sale vanguard

Original sea trials

hovercraft for sale

Current photo

The skirt is an 18oz vinyl coated fabric. With care these can last about 350-500 hours. The upper guard folds down and with the 2 blade prop allows for low garage storage. The hull is a durable molded fiberglass with gelcoat. The bottom has a highly impact resistant 3/4″ SAN core material. The vessel is equipped with running lights for night operation. It is not often that you find an Amphibious Marine hovercraft for sale in such great condition.

Amphibious Marine uses modern composite materials to reduce the weight of the craft so it can do more work for you. Another advantage of a light weight efficient design is less power used, better fuel economy and less noise for you and your neighbors.

Exploration awaits

The designer has taken 500 mile trips through the Puget Sound with an 18 hp version of this craft. You can read about the trip here. In fair conditions you can travel in open water between islands. Explore areas rarely seen by others such as river deltas, estuaries, mudflats, rivers during low water and high.

If you need a larger used hovercraft for sale then consider the Explorer 24×10 here.

Vanguard 14D hovercraft on the Stikine river, frozen.

If you want to build your own from scratch this Surveyor model is very similar.