Hovercraft Consulting

If you were searching for a new or used hovercraft wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced hovercraft engineer and operator to consult with? Amphibious Marine’s chief engineer and designer, Bryan Phillips, has over 2000 hours of hovercraft operating experience on expeditions as far as 1400 miles to Alaska from Washington, in every conceivable condition. With over 33 years of hovercraft manufacturing experience you can be certain that the survey of your proposed acquisition will be complete. Though not as thorough, surveys of craft can be done with video and pictures remotely. 

The engineer can travel for consulting, having been as far north as Barrow Alaska on consultations. 

The consulting service also extends to discussing various applications for hovercraft use, and the challenges and benefits of the proposal. Understanding the limitations and benefit of the hovercraft for your use is key to ensuring the success of your planned operation. 

Consulting services available at $65/hr. Minimum billing increment is 30 minutes. 

We are now a certified Kohler Certified Expert Dealer. 

Vanguard 14D hovercraft on the Stikine river, frozen.
Sevtec Vanguard 14 hovercraft in rapids.
John Carter and Bryan Phillips with client in Barrow Alaska for hovercraft consulting.