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2017 Amphibious Marine Explorer 24

New as of June 2017, this hovercraft has 140 hours run time from an 1800 mile Mackenzie river expedition.

Price $209,000. Fully enclosed cabin with seating arrangements for 10 people(12 optional), commonly being used for revenue generating operations such as tourist attractions. Another use is as a personal cruising vessel with significant advantages over tradition power boats. Virtually unlimited access to river systems, including over ice. Operating on a pressurized cushion of air the vehicle leaves virtually no wake at cruise speed, 32 mph, as it flies 16.5 inches above the surface. The vessel is powered with a Steyr commercial marine diesel engine producing 144 hp, but cruises at 32 mph on 40% throttle, or just 3.4 GPH. State of the art construction features resin infused composite laminates of structural marine foam, glass fiber, carbon reinforcement and epoxy vinyl ester resin. Noise levels are remarkably low, on par with typical powerboats. The craft was built by Amphibious Marine Inc in Shelton Washington.

The owner will bring the craft south to Edmonton Alberta to facilitate the sale. Trailer is an EZ-loader with surge brakes and moves the craft at 8.5′ wide, sides fold automatically. This trailer can offload or load the trailer directly onto the ground. This feature allows for deployment in search and rescue applications, frozen boat launches etc.


  • 2200lb+ payload
  • 47mph-76kph top speed
  • 1500 hour skirt life
  • 10-12 passenger
  • 82 dBA measured at 50 feet (15.2m) over grass, full power.  78 dBA measured at 50 feet, cruise

This unit has many options included.

•    Saltwater series
•    Lowrance Broadband 4G Radar with Multifunction HDS-12” Display, includes external GPS antenna for radar overlay
•    Optional Arctic Heater for cabin
•    Roof handrails
•    Engine fire warning system
•    Forward Roof hatch, 20” x 20”
•    Carbon fiber Radar/LED light mast
•    20” LED Spot/Flood light, 9200 lumens
•    Two wide LED spot lights, 3096 lumens
•    Four USB/12 volt charging locations
•    24 Gallon auxiliary fuel tank with transfer pump
•    Numerous spare parts including belts, spare propeller blades, oil, oil and fuel filters, etc.
•    Quantum series fixed mount VHF radio w/antenna
•    Stainless boarding ladder
•    LED interior courtesy lights
•    Fire extinguisher and telescoping boat hook/paddle
•    Galvanized, dry launch, rapid deployment trailer with Torflex axle, oil filled hubs, and load guides
•    Optional skirt wear reinforcements
•    Custom graphics

Alaska 22.5' x 10' Explorer $58,700

VW Turbo Diesel engine, mechanical injection. Approximately 270 engine hrs. Stainless drive frame, lift fan frame and thrust fan frame. Engine mounts, urethane skirts, (done by Amphibious Marine.) VHF Radio, oil, alt, tachometer, Temp gauges. Dash heat, wipers, LED lights, galvanized double axle trailer. Runs and Flys Great, Very Dependable. Originally built as part of the Sevtec kit program, but many upgrades done at the Amphibious Marine facility.

2009 Amphibious Marine AM-14D Model Hovercraft $26,200

28 hp EFI engine. The craft comes equipped with these options:

  • hypalon upgraded skirt,
  • saltwater upgrades,
  • raised plexiglass windshield,
  • all carbon fiber deck(saves 45 lbs),
  • internal 12 gallon aluminum tank,
  • bunk trailer. It has 44 hrs run time.

It has been kept indoors, amazingly clean and waxed.