Hovercraft Fly on/off Trailer

Need an easy way to transport your Vanguard 14, 15 or 16 hovercraft to and from the water?  This hovercraft fly on/off trailer allows you to easily load and off load your craft in almost any launching situation.  For example; a frozen launch area is perfect.  You can even launch where no facilities exist, which really reduces the crowds and competition.  With an 85° swiveling tilt deck, folding sides, tilt winch, craft winch, our fly on/off hovercraft trailer makes loading and off loading easy. Tough and lightweight, the rapid deployment trailer features a welded box steel frame that is hot dipped galvanized with a pressure treated tongue and groove plywood deck to give you long service life including saltwater use.  As a bonus it only weighs 860lbs, so no trailer brakes are needed. The trailer is equipped with LED lighting. You can load and unload using your hovercraft fly on/off trailer quickly by yourself without breaking a sweat.

Hovercraft arrives at lake

Sides tilted down

Hovercraft trailer swiveled

Swing into offload position

 fly on/off trailer

Swiveled for offloading

Hovercraft fly on/off trailer offloading

Comes off at just above an idle

Standard Equipment:

  • Galvanized steel tube frame
  • Pressure-treated plywood deck
  • Torflex axle 2,200lb. rating.
  • 1600 lbs. spring rate
  • Swivel and tilting deck
  • Two Hand crank winches
  • LED lighting
  • 2” hitch
Hovercraft trailer

Sides Down

Hovercraft ready to load in container

Fits into container

Hovercraft tilt trailer

Ready to launch